Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Norton Antivirus 2009

Norton AntiVirus 2009 is the quickest, cleanest antivirus answer you will be able to purchase. Speedy pulsing updates and the groundbreaking fresh Norton Insight architecture dramatically better functioning whilst aiding to control that you are secure from the newest menaces. Norton AntiVirus stays away when you work or play. It automatically freezes all noncrucial chores and alarms when you're loving games and films. And whilst Web-based assaults may be the undivided quickest growing case of cyberspace scourge, Symantec's patent-pending Browser Protection allows you browse the web confidently.

Masterminded for Speed

* New--Scans only files and actions at risk applying Norton Insight.
* New--Installs in below one minute on average, takes less than 8 megabyte of computer memory.

Latest security

* New--Delivers latest security with speedy pulse updates every 5 minutes to a quarter of an hour.
* Improved--Provides multilayered protection by the Norton Protection System.
* New--Prevents crawlers from taking hold of your personal computer.
* Discovers and automatically takes away malevolent menaces.
* Improved--Defends against Web-based attacks.
* Automatically discovers and removes adware, computer virus, Trojans, spiders and web worms.
* New--Recovery instrument boots and fixes seriously contaminated personal computers.
* New--Delivers our most complete, deep cleansing scan imaginable.
* Norton in progress Protection allows uninterrupted security updates and new wares features as they become useable throughout your product subscription period, assisting to hold your computer secure against the newest online scourges and perils.
* Norton Automatic Renewal Service assists to assure that you are secure by automatically renewing your product subscription early before it expires.

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