Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Sony Vaio NS20ES 15.4-inch Laptop

From going online with the internet, chatting via email and using the built-in camera with your family and friends, to managing your photos and videos, the NS makes getting what you want an easy experience. And with its X-black LCD screen you’ll see everything and everyone crisp, clear and simply perfect.

NS Series VAIO Laptop

X-black LCD Screen
The super sharp clarity of X-black screen technology is a VAIO exclusive feature unrivalled by any other manufacturer. The secret ingredient is the anti-reflection coating - ensuring an absolute smooth surface where rays of light aren’t broken or diffused. Whether watching movies or gaming, X-black provides the best screen experience in all lighting conditions, with 100% colour fidelity, high brightness, enhanced contrast and a wide viewing angle.
MotionEye Camera

Built-in MotionEye™ Camera
Easy-to-use, with integrated auto focus and auto brightness, the built-in camera is perfect for video calls. Being able to see your friends and family when you’re online is so much better than just reading their emails.

Microsoft Windows Vista
Windows Vista® Home Premium
Windows Vista® Home Premium is the preferred edition of Windows Vista® for home desktop and mobile PCs. It delivers more productivity and entertainment at home and on the go – making it easy to enjoy digital photos, music, TV, games and movies, while providing a whole new level of security and reliability.

VAIO Movie Story
VAIO Movie Story is a High Definition home movie editor for creating a home movie in seconds. The software will export in most formats to view on PC, TV, YouTube or PSP.

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