Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Advent 4211c Netbook

The Advent 4211 Netbook is the perfect companion for people on the move. It allows you to stay online, browse files and stay in touch with family and friends. This light weight netbook houses the easy to use Windows® XP operating system, which will allow you to access a wide range of applications, services and hardware in a familiar and easy way. It also comes with Intel’s newest and smallest ever processor, the Intel Atom. The Advent 4211 Windows XP Intel Atom Netbook delivers the performance you need to surf the net. On top of this, you have a built in webcam with microphone for face to face chatting with family and work colleagues. Bluetooth connectivity offers an easy way to share music, images and information with other bluetooth users.

* Intel Atom N270Processor - Energy efficient
* (1.6GHz, 533 MHz, 512k Cache)
* Genuine Windows(R) XP Home
* Memory & storage - 1GB Memory & 120GB HDD
* Portable - 10.2"Widescreen Display & 1.12KG
* Extras - Bluetooth connectivity & webcam
* Wireless Enabled
* Built in speakers
* (1.6GHz, 533MHz FSB, 512MB cache)
* 3 USB connections

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