Wednesday, 7 January 2009

LG Internal Blu-ray DVD Re-Writer

Whether you want to store your media files on Blu-ray discs, or simply sit back and enjoy your favourite Blu-ray films, the Super Multi Blue has it covered.

The GGW-H20L can handle both single-layer and dual layer Blu-ray discs (50GB the equivalent of 64 CDs) in either recordable or re-writable formats. With the ability to read and write Blu-ray at 6x, and 4MB Buffer memory, this internal drive enables you storage of large amounts of data at a record-breaking speed.

The drive also supports the new SecurDisc technology, co-developed with Nero. This enables you to protect your discs with password encryption, digital signature and a checksum integrity checker, software providing peace of mind that your discs and your data are totally secure at the user and storage level.

* Super Multi Blue
* Watch your favourite Blu-ray DVD's
* HD DVD-ROM drive
* Blu-Ray Disc Re-Writer
* 4x Blu-ray writing speed

* 6x Blu-ray reading speed
* Windows XP/Vista compatible
* Upgrade your PC's DVD-ROM drive
* HD read technology
* Backward compatibility

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