Friday, 20 February 2009

ASUS EEEPC1000H-BL Netbook

Asus EEEPC handheld Netbook - ideal for internet browsing on the move, checking your mail, sending instant messages, shopping or viewing pictures online and creating simple documents. Features Intel Atom processor, 1GB RAM, 10" display screen, built-in webcam, bluetooth and Premium Wireless.

Brand ASUS
Screen size 10 inches
Processor tbc
Processor model number N270
Processor speed 1.6 GHz
Processor bus tbc
Processor cache tbc
Memory (RAM) 1024 MB
Storage (hard drive) 160 GB
Operating system tbc
Application software Windows XP
Shared graphics No
Dedicated graphics No
Optical drive tbc
S-Video output No
VGA output Yes
HDMI output No
Built-in wireless networking Yes - 802.11n
Wired networking Yes
Built-in fingerprint reader No
USB 2.0 slots 3
Firewire No
Media card slots 3sd/mmc
Built-in bluetooth Yes
Built-in webcam Yes
Speakers Standard
Battery life 5 hours
Laptop weight (kg) 1.45 kg

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