Sunday, 22 February 2009

Samsung T220HD 22" LCD TFT Monitor

Inspired by the craftsmanship of Venetian glassblowers, the Samsung T220HD is the embodiment of Samsung's design philosophy - natural beauty that defies standardisation. Unlike other monitors on the market today, Samsung are just as concerned about how a monitor performs as well as it looks. The unique crystal-like frame is both transparent and opaque, giving the monitor a handcrafted feel. The smooth clean lines and variety of colors will make this monitor the centerpiece of any room in your home - no matter how sophisticated it may be. With the built-in digital television (DTV) tuner, the T220HD immediately widens your entertainment world. Unlike many monitors, the T series can decode and display free, over-the-air digital TV broadcasts without buying any additional equipment. So now your PC monitor enables you to watch your favorite TV programs while working on your PC. Now that's multi-tasking!.

* Clear contrast ratio 10000:1
* Fast response time 2ms
* Low power consumption
* Stunning Full HD 1080p
* Embedded DTV tuner
* EnhancedcConnectivity
* Invisible speaker system

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