Thursday, 25 March 2010

Lenovo Thinkpad X200 12.1-Inch Black Laptop

Extreme Portability. The ThinkPad X200 notebook puts the ultra in ultraportable. Designed for extreme mobility, the X200 delivers in a big way in reliability, performance and durability. Wherever your business takes you, the X200 is sure to be your hardest working and ever-trusty travel companion. You won't ever want to travel without it. It's beyond light. The X200 can lighten your workload at only 3.26 lbs and just over an inch thick. Plus, at only 8.3" deep, crowded tables and cramped airline trays are no match for the X200. Legendary Durability. The X200 is loaded with innovative features for long term durability - with strong magnesium-alloy top and bottom covers to protect your system against flexing, impact and accidental drops; spill-resistant keyboards, each sealed and contained within a tray with special drainholes to channel spills to the bottom of the system to lessen opportunity for damage; and reliable, sturdy metal hinge construction designed for daily use. Equipped with an Intel Core2 Duo processor P8700, it provides superior performance – performance not typically available on ultraportables.

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