Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Pocketjet 3 Portable Printer

A Pentax PocketJet Ultra-Portable printer is one of the smallest, lightest and most effective full-page printing solutions you can buy for your on-the-go printing needs. Whether you use a laptop or a handheld device, the PocketJet will give you sharp text, crisp graphics, and high-quality documents in almost any environment, including extreme temperature and pressure variations. Bluetooth adds Bluetooth connectivity to the existing features of the current PocketJet 3Plus. The addition of Bluetooth provides a simple, reliable cable-free printing connection of up to 100 meters (approximately 300 feet) to a variety of laptop and handheld Bluetooth-enabled devices.The PocketJet 3 Plus with integrated Bluetooth has 300 dpi printing resolution and is recommended for any wireless printing application that requires extensive graphics printing.

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