Thursday, 25 March 2010

Polaroid Pink PoGo Instant Mobile Printer

The world’s smallest Digital Portable Photo Printer
Most printers sit on a desk, plugged in to a PC and the mains. Polaroid PoGoTM sits in your hand, no wires, no mess and no fuss! Barely bigger than your mobile phone, and coming in at a lightweight 8 ounces, this amazing PoGoTM can print anywhere, anytime.

Inkless paper
Zero Ink (ZINK) technology simply means NO INK, so gone are the days of replacing expensive cartridges, ribbons or print heads. All you have to do is buy ZINK Photo Paper™ which is available in 10, 30 and 70 packs.

Bluetooth printing from your mobile phone
Here is the really clever part, how about printing wirelessly using Bluetooth from your mobile phone? Take a snap on your camera mobile phone, connect your phone with the Polaroid PoGoTM Instant Mobile Printer using Bluetooth and wirelessly print your photos. Amazing!

Sticky backed prints
Each PoGoTM print is a handy 2" x 3" with no white borders. Not only that but if you want to you can peel the back off and stick your pictures anywhere you like. Perfect for the fridge, the album or even to wear as a badge! A handy sized print to carry with you.

60 Seconds printing time
Watch as your photos print in under a minute from the simply breathtakingly small Polaroid PoGoTM Instant Mobile Printer! The little time it takes to print a photo enables you to print more copies of your favourite photo and share it with your friends immediately!

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