Saturday, 24 April 2010

Adobe ditches iPhone code tools

Adobe has announced that it is to scrap its software tools that allow Apple’s iPad and iPhone to use Adobe’s Flash technology.

It is somewhat of a u-turn from Adobe as they had previously announced help to get Flash working on the popular Apple gadgets.

The Flash software is a popular application on the internet for many multimedia components. However, Apple does not support the software and has openly criticized it in the past.

Adobe now seem to be closely associated with Android and Google.

Apple restructured its terms and conditions for the licence software developers have to sign up to implement applications on the iPad and iPhone.

This came just prior to Adobe releasing software Creative Suite 5 that included translations tools that turn Flash code into programs that can work on the iPhone.

This in turn banned the use of code translators including Creative Suite 5. Many software creators have since criticized this move by Apple.

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