Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Opera can now use own applications on Apple iPhone

The internet web browser Opera have just confirmed that their software applications can be officially used on the Apple iPhone. The Opera browser will be the first on the iPhone and will compete with Apples own browser.

The Opera browser boasts faster web browsing by compressing information ahead of it appearing on any mobile device. The browser is expected to be available on the iPod and iPhone anytime now.

This news is very good for the Norwegian owned Opera. Revenue for the firm will undoubtedly rise on this news. They have had a bad 2009 with a big fall in their profits. The Opera browser is already being enjoyed on other mobile devices, such as the BlackBerry.

The deal between Apple and Opera came about after many months of negotiations between the two parties.

However, the competition on the iPhone will be hard for Opera, as it competes with Apples own Safari browser.

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