Sunday, 18 April 2010

Intel Atom chips can run Android

The new Intel Atom chip can run Google’s Android operating system.

The new Intel Atom chips are low powered and were designed with portable devices in mind such as netbooks.

Intel’s move is seen as considerable as until now the Android system was primarily found on mobile phones.

This is likely to see Google push forward with their own tablet to rival Apple’s iPad.

The news was released by Intel at a conference in China.

It is hoped that the new tablets are picked up by people in the future, as they are smaller than a laptop, but bigger than smartphones.

If the new Intel Atom chip is a hit, then Google can expand beyond there current smartphones.

Intel would also benefit as it could mean that it would expand its chips ahead of merely running Windows.

This year, 2010, will also see initial smartphones that would use the Intel Atom chip.

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