Wednesday, 14 April 2010

New security features announced for Facebook

Facebook, the social networking website, have unveiled new security features that will appear on its website. The features include a new way of reporting abuse on the site and a police 24 hour hotline.

The move comes after a raft of pressure put on Facebook to increase its security for younger online users. An education campaign will also be launched.

However, the site has stopped short of putting a logo link on its pages that would link to a child protection centre.

In return, Facebook is calling on the government of the UK to devise a strategic sharing of data with similar social networking sites. This is already the norm in the United States.

The moves have been put upon Facebook following a man posed as a young man on Facebook and lured a teenage girl to her death.

Facebook has a staggering 23 million users in the United Kingdom alone and will also be putting ads on its site for the NSPCC among others.

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