Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Plans for advertising on Twitter

It has been revealed that the social networking site Twitter is to allow advertising on their site for the first time. The way it will work is advertisers will be able to purchase new Promoted Tweets. In the past, the site has been slow or reluctant to allow advertising.

However, the advertisers must construct Tweets or Tweet messages and have a constructive impact on the twitter site. It will not be a traditional advertising campaign.

Some of the advertisers already on board include Starbucks and Sony.

Promoted Tweets have been described as Tweets that are regular but where the advertiser would want to appeal to a much bigger group of Twitter users.

As of now, the networking site has yet to make any profit, but that looks certain to change with the advent of Promoted Tweets for advertisers.

Recently, Twitter has announced that it will be purchasing the company Atebits.

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