Thursday, 15 April 2010

Four new laptops launched by Acer

The computer manufacturer Acer has unveiled 4 new laptops.

The top end machine was the Acer Timeline X model. It has varying size screens from the 13.3 inch up to the 15.6 inch. Acer also revealed that an 11 inch version will be eventually released.

The Acer Timeline X will have 9 different configurations, with prices starting around £600.

Acer are eager to rid itself of being the low end bargain choice for customers. With this in mind, the Acer Timeline X looks really good with a chic keyboard and a blush mounted touchpad.

As for specifications, the cheapest version has an Intel i3 330M processor installed. The high end model has an Intel Core i7 670M.

The hard drives will vary from 250GB to an impressive 640GB. All model versions will have a minimum of 3GB of RAM.

As for graphics, AMD’s HD 5650 and HD 5470 are installed.

Also unveiled by Acer, 2 other mid range laptops were announced. These are aimed at laid-back gamers and people who wish for a Blu-Ray drive.

One of the models, the x754, boasts a complete range of Intel Mobile Core processors and are completed with graphics from AMD. There are3 versions available, the 14 inch, 15.6 inch and finally the 17.3 inch. All 3 have Dolby Optimised surround sound..

The largest model, the 17.3 inch, has DDR3 RAM slots for up to 16GB of memory.

As with the Acer Timeline X, the x751 and the x754 have starting prices of around £600.

Rounding out the new Acer releases is the Aspire Ethos 5943g 02Acer. The laptop sports an 18 inch screen. Whilst being a dominant machine, the look of the machine leaves a bit to be desired.

Whilst the Ethos looks to be the worst of the bunch, the Acer Timeline X, x751 and x754 offer good performance and should be good sellers for Acer this summer.

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