Thursday, 22 April 2010

Windows users hit by new McAfee security update

Many PC's around the world, running into the many thousands, have been hit by a new security update issued by Windows.

They have been hit by the update which issued a part of the Windows platform as a virus.

The security update, which was provided by the software company McAfee, caused many PC’s to continually restart.

Since the update was issued, McAfee have apologised to all of the people affected.

The problem started when the McAfee software updated its anti virus list which is used to detect programs deemed as malevolent.

The McAfee update incorrectly targeted the Windows file schist.exe file as the wecorl file, which is a virus. The worm then tries to restore the current svchost file and take over the computer.

The virus is then quarantined which caused many PC’s to crash.

The McAfee software update is said to have caused widespread problems, nearly taking Intel down completely at one point.

However, the update has since been removed by McAfee and they have reissued the update without the fault.

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