Monday, 19 April 2010

Microsoft introduces new fix it software

Microsoft has introduced a new “fix it” software program that robotically watches any PC and fixes any common fault.

The new software program is available to Windows XP user and those who use Vista.

It basically is the automatic diagnostic system from Windows 7 and can now be added to older systems.

The fix it program also tries to predict if updates will cause a system to crash.

When the software is installed, it frequently checks the system to see if it has fallen to any bugs. Then, when updates are available, it will inform the system user about the updates and tries to relate them.

The software program can fix about 300 known problems that affect Windows users.

If you sign up for the software, it may be applied to different machines that a user may have.

Windows XP users must have the Service Pack 3 on their operating system installed.

The software can be downloaded from the Microsoft support page. The service first began in 2008.

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